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About Amira

About AmiraWelcome to Amira! Amira is a shop that specialises in quality silver and fashion jewellery at affordable prices. Every silver jewellery piece is made of sterling silver marked 925. This means your silver jewellery is in fact quality silver and not some cheap miscellaneous metal that looks like it. You should not have to pay a fortune for jewellery that will make you look exceptional and feel gorgeous wearing it. Every woman should be able to look as beautiful outside as they are inside.

“The name Amira means ‘princess’ in Persian, and every girl deserves to feel like one. Amira said quickly sounds like ‘a mirror’, we want you to be beautiful inside and out.”

How Amira came About

My name is Kaitlyn and I am the founder of Amira. Amira was created in London, 2012 and is aimed to share beautiful jewellery pieces from all around the world. I personally select and hand pick all the jewellery sold as I want it to be the best quality and of the highest of standards.

I started Amira because I was tired of looking for quality silver jewellery in the UK and being asked to pay a ridiculous sum of money. I thought to myself, there is no reason why women should have to pay such a high price for a fashionable jewellery piece and only feel proud wearing it because they know they spent a small fortune to buy it. The idea for Amira was born.

I decided I wanted to make the best and most fashionable jewellery available to everyone who wanted to look fantastic outside and feel brilliant inside. As they say, “beauty comes from within and shines out through you”. Wear something beautiful outside that makes you feel beautiful inside. After all, we all have a princess within us and that is what Amira is all about. Be beautiful inside and out.

Kaitlyn xx

Please feel free to get in touch with me with any of your thoughts or questions.

My e-mail is:
[email protected]

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